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Environmental protection in Europe

The European DENSO companies are doing their part to protect the environment. They have EU Committee Meetings and Staff meetings for environmental activities. Mr. Nishimura, Managing Director of DENSO Europe B.V., is Chairman of the EU Committee Meeting. The European DENSO companies are naturally promoting ‘EcoVision 2015’.
The European Environment Secretariat (EES) of DENSO in Europe organises evaluation meetings on a regular basis with the DENSO production and the major sales companies. This is a good way to ensure unification of DENSO in Europe towards the environment.

CSR Report 2006



Environmental Activities

We are devoting our energy to environmental preservation, aiming toward a society that exists in harmony with the environment.
Ecological Activities

Here’s the unique environmental activities found in DENSO and its group companies.

Ecological Activities

Green ways at DENSO

We will introduce DENSO's environmental activities through these footage.

Green ways at DENSO


Environmental Management

DENSO's efforts of environmental management, regarded as our most significant issue, and details of related progress are available here.

Environmental Data

Our response to ISO 14001 certification, environmental accounting guidelines, and environmental performance data are available here.

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