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Corporate Citizenship

We aim to be a good corporate citizen, and to be a company that local and international communities can rely upon and trust.

Concept of Corporate Citizenship

We are committed to our management principle of "being a company in harmony with society and trusted by the international community". We contribute to society by providing products and services to promote the well-being of people. As a good corporate citizen, DENSO resolves to tackle social problems from a wide range of perspectives for better living and a more affluent society. Through these activities, DENSO aims to be a company with a broader social presence.

Promoting DENSO's Unique Program

Support for the Physically Challenged
- A Barrier-free Society -

One way that we support the socialization and self-reliance of the physically challenged is through the Wheelchairs and Friendship Center of Asia (WAFCA).

Youth Development
- Passing the Joy of Creation onto the Next Generation -

As a manufacturing company DENSO continues to hold events to support services so that children can experience the joy of science and technology.

Harmony with the Environment
- Conservation -

We are expanding ECO-Ranger 21, an environmental education program for children. DENSO employees also conduct environmental protection activities with people around our business locations.

Supporting Volunteer Activities of DENSO employees
DENSO created our Volunteer Support Center to offer information through in-house journals, our intranet, and the Internet. The Center has developed a volunteerism award system, Matching Gifts*1 and the Heartful Fund(DENSO JAPAN associates donation fund) and other support systems to stimulate volunteer activities among DENSO employees. The Volunteer Support Center works together with the DENSO Heartful Clubs established in 1994 by volunteers, supporting and coordinating the activities of approximately 1,330 members.

*1 When our directors or employees donate to philanthropic organizations accepted as deserving DENSO support, we match their contributions, doubling their gifts.
Efforts of Group Companies
Under the slogan Turn Compassion into Action, the DENSO Group's Community Service Day (Japanese name “Heartful Day”) was established all over the world. The months through November to January, with the month of December being the anniversary month of the foundation of the company, have been set up as the social contribution activity promotion months. In fiscal 2005, 75 companies with more than 16,000 people joined together to take part in social action programs that involves environmental, welfare and

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