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The DENSO BHT200 is a robust, high durability, advanced Windows CE handheld mobile computer and designed for business critical applications with high duty cycles in harsh environments. The BHT262B is equipped with an ergonomic palm grip handle, 30 Key alphanumeric keypad and 1D barcode scanner, USB and IRDA interface, 128 MB RAM, 64 MB ROM, Windows CE 5.0. Including one battery pack BT-20L

BlueTooth Enabled WiFi Not Available Batch  
BHT Dos Not Available Windows CE / Mobile 2D / RFID Not Available  

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Download Documents

SDK for BHT-200 Series V4.2 CE


BHT-200 Sereis SDK ver3.01 for WinCE V4.2 platform.

- (47.8MB)
download document


Download Documents

BHT-200 Brochure

Download the latest DENSO BHT-200 series mobile computer brochure and technical specification. - (1.46MB) download document


Download Documents

SDK for BHT-200 Series (CE 5.0) Ver. 5.06

Software development Kit for the BHT-200 series Ver 5.06 for WinCE V5.0
Fror use with CF slot V1.0 only.
- (55.2MB)
download document


Download Documents

User Manual For BHT-200 Series

User guide for the BHT-200B and BHT-200BW series handheld terminals. - (3MB) download document


Download Documents

Class Library - BHT-202B

Development class library for the BHT-200B series handheld barcode computers. - (1.96MB) download document

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