About Us

DENSO-STORE.com is a resource that offers direct access to all DENSO handheld mobile computers products and services.

  • Fast DENSO product availability
  • DENSO software support
  • DENSO SDK software development tools
  • Maintenance and repair for DENSO Handheld Computers
  • DENSO BHT- batteries, chargers and accessories

DENSO-STORE.com provides application development support and maintenance for software applications for BHT DOS mobile computers, including the DENSO BHT 1300, BHT 1500, BHT 800 and BHT800.

We also sell Windows CE enabled DENSO BHT 200, BHT 400, and BHT 700 handheld computers.

DENSO-STORE.com is a division of the Automatic ID Systems LLC group. Specializing in barcoding, RFID and mobile data capture solutions. We deliver professional AutoID products and services, throughout UK, Europe and North America. 


DENSO is one of the world’s largest supplier of parts to the automotive industry. In addition, DENSO is also a key supplier of automotive aftermarket parts, production robots, scanning equipment and portable air-conditioning units. 

DENSO is renowned for their detailed design and strict manufacturing processes that gives every DENSO handheld computer outstanding reliability and performance.


DENSO’s vision is not to be the biggest, but to create a better world through high quality innovation which helps both our customers and the planet. Great technology sells itself, that’s why DENSO invests 8% of net sales in R&D and that’s why you’ve probably never seen an advert for DENSO on the television or in the press!