BHT-300 Chargers and Cradles

CH-351 - Cradle

Charging only Cradle for BHT-300

CU-321 - Cradle

Communication Cradle, USB Interface with charging function for BHT-300 series.

CU-311 - Cradle

ETHERNET NETWORK Communication & Charging Cradle for BHT300 LAN applications

CH-204 - Charger

4 Slot Battery Charger for BHT-300 BT-20L Battery

CH-201 - Charger

1 Slot Battery Charger for BHT300 BT-20L Battery

AC Adapter

AC Power Adapter for CU-200, CH-251, CU-300, CH-351, Cu-401, CU-421, CH-451, GT-10, QK-12, CU-8011